Sunday, 11 June 2017

Another 5 Star review for Merdeka

Many thanks to Steve B for a kind review posted on Amazon's UK site.  All reviews are really appreciated and extracts can be seen on the Review Page of this blog.

Story of a young Scots officer pondering what he wants out of life, set against the sometimes brutal background of the Malayan communist insurgency. This novel fully reflects the rich variety of themes provided by the subject matter- even a hint of the supernatural without which no story set in Malaysia would be complete. Lachlan Gunn is not a broad brush writer. Everything is presented in meticulous detail, which is how he creates an intensely realistic atmosphere (although the dialogue is modern). Even my old school gets a mention! In his new career path with the Gurkhas, Alick can look forward to plenty of action in the jungles of Borneo and I look forward to reading about them...