How to get the Book

Merdeka has been exclusively published as an eBook for Kindle and as a paperback by AuthorHouse. 


You can buy the paperback from various online bookstores. (ISBN: 978-1-4678-8043-5).  Details of the publisher's website and of Amazon Stores selling the book are below:

Authorhouse UK Store     Amazon UK
Authorhouse US Store      Amazon Rest of World (or try the links below)


You can buy the Kindle eBook from the Amazon Stores (as an English language edition).  The links to Merdeka are as follows:

Amazon in the UK   Amazon in Australia  Amazon in Brazil  Amazon in Canada  Amazon in France  Amazon in Germany  Amazon in India  Amazon in Italy   Amazon in Japan  Amazon in Mexico  Amazon in Spain 


To read the Kindle e-book you have several choices:

1.  The obvious one - use a Kindle..........don't have a Kindle?

2.  Download free software to read Kindle books on your PC

3.  Download free software to read Kindle books on your Mac

4.  Get a free App to read Kindle books on an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
      (Requires iOS 3.0 or later)

5.  Get a free App to read Kindle books on Android devices (smartphones, tablets etc)