Friday, 20 April 2012

Merdeka receives a great review!

'Merdeka' has just been favourably reviewed by the British Army Rumour Service (ARRSE).  This a website that receives up to 5 million hits per month.  Some extracts from the review are:

"The book is well written by someone with a good knowledge of the country and history of the period."

"The patrol is dropped off by helicopter and moves up country to find and destroy the CTs. However, the CTs know they are coming and arrange an ambush. The action in the ambush is well explained and easy to follow. "

"There is a very good part where the patrol, on its way out of the jungle, meets up with a local Malay patrol who are celebrating their country’s independence in situ prior to continuing with their patrol. The way in which the two groups intermingled is well put and shows how the emerging country was approaching Independence with such confidence in the future."

 "Gunn incorporates into the final part of the book the feelings that a young man would have after.... a violent and bloody patrol, is he seeing ghosts, can he lay these things aside and get on with life? A very good reminder that young men don’t just go out and kill with no after affects."

"I hope that this becomes the first of a series of books involving Alick Gordon in the Far East......."

Read the whole review here.

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