Sunday, 21 October 2012

12 people lost in the Jungle 60 years ago are re-buried

On 15th March 2012 all twelve people (passengers and crew) who died in a plane crash in the Malaysian jungle in 1950 were re-buried with full military honours.  RAF Dakota KN630 crashed deep in the Malaysian jungle on 25th August, 1950, during a target marking mission near Kampong Jendera.  The plane from 52 Squadron (based at RAF Changi in Singapore) had been dropping smoke markers near Kampong Jendera to help Lincoln bombers pinpoint Communist camps, but it lost power during its second run and plummeted into a ravine.

A rescue party reached the crash site in early September 1950 after nine days journey on foot to discover all 12 had died.  Due to the high risk of terrorist attack, the bodies were buried in shallow jungle graves.  Due to the efforts of Dennis Carpenter, the brother of Geoff Carpenter one of the dead Airmen, and to the support of Colonel Tajri Alwi of the Malaysian Army, the bodies were found and excavated after a major search operation in 2008.  For the full story (and related photographs) see an article by the Mail Online.

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