Monday, 28 January 2013

'Merdeka' eBook to be exclusive to Kindle

Image © Amazon
The eBook of 'Merdeka' is  going to be exclusive to Kindle for at least 3 months.  This will allow it to be included in the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library  (KDP Select).  How does it work? 

Kindle device owners with an Amazon Prime membership can borrow popular Kindle books at no extra cost, as frequently as one book per month and with no due dates.

Does this mean you can read it on other portable devices?  Yes, you will be able to read it on any device that can run a Kindle App (such as the iPad). For more information see 'How to get the Book'.

Why I am doing this?  Despite efforts to promote the eBook through other channels, the vast majority of sales remain with Amazon.  As a new author, visibility is key, and the Amazon listings give the best visibility.  Other authors have recommended taking this step.  I'll review it after 3 months.

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