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16 June 1948 - 3 murders start the Malayan Emergency

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Just after 8'o'clock in the morning on Saturday 16th June 1948, Arthur Walker, Edinburgh-born manager of the isolated Elphil rubber estate near Sungei Siput, arrived back at his office.   He had just finished his morning inspection of the estate. 

Twenty minutes later three young Chinese rode up to the office on bicycles.  One was heard to say 'Tabek Tuan' (Greetings Sir) and Walker cheerfully replied.  A few seconds later two shots rang out and he was dead, shot through the heart and chest.  The Chinese calmly left.

Half an hour later and ten miles away, twelve armed Chinese surrounded the main building of the Sungei Siput rubber estate.  Two of them, armed with pistols, marched into the office of the 21 year old assistant manager, Leonard Christian, who came from Radlett in Hertfordshire.  After a brief exchange of words they tied his hands together with cord.  At the same time three other Chinese burst into the estate manager's office.  55 year old John Allison from Putney in London, was also tied up.  They asked him for his pistol.  He indicated that it was in his bungalow, situated on a small rise about 100 yards away. 

Both men were marched at gun-point to the bungalow, and after the revolver had been found, back again to the office, watched by two terrified Chinese clerks. According to eye-witness accounts one of the murderers said "Don't be afraid, We're only out for Europeans and the running dogs." ['Running dogs' was a term used by communist terrorists to describe Malayan supporters of the British]

Back in the office the two Englishmen were forced to sit in chairs and were tied down.  Seconds later they were executed.  The Malayan Emergency had begun.............

Arthur Walker, John Allison and Leonard Christian are buried in the Christian cemetery at Batu Gajah (God's Little Acre).

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